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Get connected with the next generation of VRV

The new, best-in-class VRV EMERION is here, with improvements in functionality, sustainability and simplicity. The great strides we’ve made since the VRV IV have inspired an entirely new name. EMERION is the combination of Emerald — a precious stone from the earth — and Ion, a symbol of our mission to make electrical inverters the A/C standard in North America.

VRV EMERION is now fully connected for cloud service with a wide range of new features and industry-leading performance and efficiency. We’ve brought the best of every VRV into one system that was redesigned and reengineered from the bottom up.

Integration with Daikin HERO

Remote monitoring

Connectivity is at the heart of VRV EMERION. We’ve integrated our Daikin HERO Simple Edge controls to allow remote monitoring to help manage and diagnose system performance. Our integrated dashboard provides real-time performance information and predictive logic to help anticipate issues before they arise.

Connected Ecosystem

Simple installation

Engineered to create a truly unique experience for contractors, this latest design offers a new and improved design to provide ease of service and maintenance, making way for simplicity in installation. With connectivity and communication across several units, control systems and centralized remote monitoring, VRV EMERION offers a true next-gen experience.


Optimized for efficiency

Our newly designed system features major upgrades in efficiency, with reductions in: power consumption, internal electrical and piping, modules, and ultimately, installation cost. VRV EMERION also features a newly innovated hot gas bypass circuit, which eliminates the need for an additional base pan heater kit. It’s sustainable, regulatory compliant and leaves more room for leasable space.


Adaptive and learning VRT

The new VRV EMERION system features a newly enhanced learning VRT technology. In addition to helping with annual energy efficiency and maintaining comfort, the VRT provides features that enable time-based learning to adjust cooling and heating capacities and provide a stable capacity to the indoor units.

Stylish with a Purpose

Compact system, small footprint

VRV EMERION is available in a single and dual-module lineup. The new three-segment design is engineered for ease of installation and service. In addition, with the introduction of the new large chassis and modular VRV design, you can now achieve up to 40-ton system capacity with only two modules! This helps reduce the overall space required for mechanical equipment, plus it saves on installation cost and time.

Simple design

Reduced piping, increased coverage*

VRV EMERION 's new larger capacity single module units offer opportunities to reduce the space required for mechanical equipment and the number of electrical and piping connections. By leveraging Daikin's increased piping lengths, the new design allows up to 361 ft. of vertical separation (equivalent up to approximately 30 floors). In addition, with long piping lengths, VRV EMERION allows all outdoor units to serve buildings from a centralized location.

*Compared to previous models.

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